Trekking provides an excellent opportunity to experience the real heart of Bhutan and gain insight into the rural culture of the kingdom. A trek in Bhutan can be anything from a three day leisurely walk around a valley, to the arduous 25 day Snowman trek, taking one well above the snowline into Bhutan’s most remote high altitude settled region, Lunana.

On your trek you will be accompanied by a small and efficient trekking team, who will guide you, prepare the meals, and look after all the camping arrangements. We provide all necessary equipment (two-person tents, eating utensils, dining & toilet tents), but you have to bring your own sleeping bag. Everything is transported by pack animals: horses in the low lands and yaks at higher elevations.

Almost all of the designated treks go above 3000 meters (9843 feet). Those who have not properly acclimatized or suffer from altitude sickness are advised not to trek. If you are not used to high altitudes it is a good idea to start slowly and allow yourself to acclimatize.


Punakha Winter Trek

(12 days) – Easy

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

(13 days) – Medium

Bumthang Cultural Trek

(11 Days) – Easy

Samtengang Winter Trek

(10 days) – Easy

Druk Path Trek

(11 days) – Medium

Duer Hot Spring Trek

(16 days) – Medium

Jomolhari Trek

(12 days) – Hard

Gangtey Trek

(8 days) – Easy

Laya Gasa Trek

(18 days) – Hard

Snowman Trek

(28 days) – Hard

Rodung- La Trek

(20 days) – Hard