The people of Zhemgang are culturally called the Khengpas, they normally speaks local language known as Khengkha. Zhemgang people here are grouped under three regions of upper, middle and lower Kheng. Among culture tour and other tour activities the region is well known for bird watching. The people are well known for their artistic work in producing bamboo products like wine containers (Pala), baskets, matted bamboo carpets and other cane products.

Zhemgang also had sacred temples like Buli lhakhang in Buli village and Tharpa Choeling. The whole Kheng region was divided into three regions of Chikhor (Uper Kheng), Nangkhor (Middle Kheng) and Tamachok (Lower Kheng).

  • Chikor

Chikhor also known as upper Kheng comprised of eleven villages namely Nimshong, Thashong, Zangling, Thrisa, Bardo, Khomshar, Langdurbi, Digala, Radhi, Wamling and Shingkhar.

  • Nangkor

Nangkhor, known as Middle Kheng comprises of nine villages. The villages are Dakphay, Norbugang, Kikhar Tali, Buli, Goling, Zhobling, Nyakhar and Tsheldang.

  • Tamachok

Tamachok or lower kheng comprises the villages of Bjokha, Dali, Panbang, Nangla, Goshing, Shidrong Toed, Phangkhar, Edi, Mamung, Gomphu, Subrang, Zurphel, Tshangla Jong and Berti below Tama and above Bjokha villages form the Tamachok or the Matpala villages.